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About / Company

About / Company

Neo Valves based in Hubballi specializes in offering a diverse range of industrial valves and providing turnkey solutions with pumps, motors, and filters tailored to specific working conditions. Our valves are manufactured using robust in-house design facilities, backed by well-equipped R&D resources and premium quality raw materials. We maintain high standards through skilled workmanship and stringent quality processes supported by reliable foundry resources.


Our team at Neo Valves is composed of dedicated individuals from various groups. Each member contributes to the delivery of quality valves and the enhancement of our technological advancements. We maintain an effective quality management system through continual improvement, involving our people in various capacities.


Our Motto

"Engineering Towards Better Future"


Company Vision

"To become the most trusted valves manufacturing brand in the world"


Company Mission

"To be a most reliable associate in flow control solutions for our esteemed clients across the globe and the creation of advanced technology engineering solutions to help customers improvise processes enriching society"


Quality Policy

We at Neo Valves with our combined wealth of experience, technology, skills, and resources are committed to -

1. Design, manufacture, supply, and on-time delivery of superior quality valves and customer satisfaction our first priority.

2. Technical support, after-sales service & periodical maintenance of our products ensured.

3. Upgrade our technology by maintaining an effective quality management system through continual improvement. 


Company Culture

Our corporate culture is driven by a commitment to excellence and innovation, guided by our core values. We foster an environment that encourages collaboration, creativity, and continuous improvement. Integrity, dedication, and a passion for delivering top-notch flow control solutions shape the essence of our work culture. Our teams thrive in a supportive atmosphere that values diversity, teamwork, and a shared goal of engineering a better future.


Our Products


1. Ball Valve

Our Ball Valves are precision-engineered for optimal flow control, ensuring reliability and durability in various industrial applications.


2. Butterfly Valve

Designed for efficiency and versatility, our Butterfly Valves offer superior performance, making them ideal for diverse flow control needs.


3. Gate Valve

With a focus on robustness and efficiency, our Gate Valves are engineered to provide secure shut-off in demanding environments.


4. Globe Valve

Renowned for their precision and effectiveness, our Globe Valves are crafted to regulate flow seamlessly in critical systems.


Industries We Serve


1. Steel Plants

Our precision-engineered valves ensure optimal flow control critical for steel plant operations, enhancing efficiency and reliability.


2. Water Treatment Plants

Our range of valves, including Ball, Butterfly, Gate, and Globe Valves, facilitates precise flow management in water treatment processes, ensuring purity and operational efficiency.


3. Marine & Defense

Our robust and dependable valves play a pivotal role in marine and defense applications, offering reliability and performance under demanding conditions.


4. Power Plants

Our quality valves are integral in power plant operations, guaranteeing efficient flow control to optimize performance and reliability.


5. Chemical Industry

Our specialized valves provide precise flow regulation critical for the demanding needs of the chemical industry, ensuring safety and efficiency.


6. Pharma Industry

With a focus on accuracy and reliability, valves are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring precise flow control for critical processes.


Explore Our Valve Solutions Gallery and Experience Precision in Flow Control! Dive into our gallery for a closer look.


We invite you to connect with Neo Valves for all your flow control needs. Whether you require superior quality valves, technical support, or have inquiries about our products and services, our dedicated team is here to assist you. Contact us today to experience our commitment to engineering excellence and innovation, fostering a better future for industries and society alike.

Overseas And Domestic Partners

Overseas and Domestic References


Neo Valves Believes in bringing to you a wide range of industrial Valves to suit your specific working condition.

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