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Water Treatment Plants

Water Treatment Plants

It is essential that water treatment facilities use the correct valves in their systems. Doing so ensures that piping systems operate consistently, effectively and safely, which prevents unnecessary maintenance. 


This is true for all types of water treatment, from controlling and regulating dirty sea or river water to producing high-purity water for pharmaceutical industries. Common valves used for water treatment include gate valves, butterfly valves, check valves and ball valves. Each valve has its specific uses and conditions it can operate under. To ensure the correct valve is used, it is important to know the applications each valve is suited to handle. 


Common valves used for water treatment: There are various types of valves used in water treatment applications. Each is designed to work in specific ways for different purposes, and each has both benefits and drawbacks. The following are some of the most common valve types. 


How to choose the right valve


Using the right valves in water treatment systems ensures proper overall operation. The conditions the valve will encounter determines which type of valve is necessary. Gate valves are ideal for applications in which high pressures and temperatures are experienced. Butterfly valves are not suited for slurry applications and are designed to perform under conditions where no slurries are present, such as in the later stages of the wastewater treatment process or in seawater inlets. 


Check valves are designed to encourage continuous flow of liquids by preventing backflow. For each type of valve, it is important to note the conditions it can handle and the common applications it is used in. For water treatment, there is a vast array of valve types to choose from, allowing treatment systems to perform effectively and consistently.

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