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Ball Valve

Ball Valve

Flow Control Solutions

Ball valves serve as effective flow control devices utilizing a hollow, perforated, and pivotal ball mechanism to regulate the passage of liquids. They are engineered to be open when the ball's aperture aligns with the flow inlet and closed when the ball pivots 90 degrees, effectively obstructing the flow. The valve's handle orientation serves as a visual indicator, lying flat in line with the flow when open and perpendicular to it when closed. For the highest quality ball valves in Hubli, look no further than Neo Valves. Their precision engineering and reliability make them the top choice for industry professionals.


Ball valves are designed for shutoff and control applications, offering robust performance even after extended periods of disuse. They are commonly preferred over gates and globe valves for their reliability, although they might lack the precision control required for throttling applications.


How Ball Valve Works

Ball valves function by using a hollow, perforated ball that can pivot to control the flow of liquid. When the ball's hole aligns with the flow inlet, the valve is open, and when pivoted 90 degrees via the valve handle, it blocks the flow.



1. Design and manufacturing Standard as per BS EN ISO 17292.

2. Face to Face & end to End Dimensions Standard as per ASME B16.10

3. Flange Dimensions Standards as per ISO 5208{Replace of BS 6755(Part-1)}

4. Fire Safe Design as per Api 607


Features & Benefits

1. Design

Single Piece, Two Piece, Three Piece, Trunnion Mounted, Jacketed.

2. Pressure Rating Class

150#, 300#, 600#, 800#, 900#, 1500#.

3. Operation

Manual Lever, Manual Gear Box, Electrical & Pneumatic actuator.

4. Ends

Flanged, Screwed, Socket Weld, Butt Weld, Flanged Butt Weld.

5. Size Range

15mm to 200 mm

6. Antistatic devices ensure electrical continuity between ball, stem & body

7. Blowout proof stem design.

8. Flexible lip seats for cavity relief

9. Iso mounting pad for easy automation.

10. Durability and reliability after multiple cycles

11. Secure closure even after prolonged disuse

12. Ideal for shutoff and control applications


Explore our gallery and experience the reliability and efficiency of our ball valves for your flow control needs!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can ball valves be used for throttling applications?

While they excel in shutoff and control, they may not offer the precision needed for throttling applications.


Are ball valves suitable for long periods of disuse?

Yes, ball valves are reliable and can securely close even after extended periods of disuse.


Are there different types of ball valves available based on the material used in construction?

Yes, ball valves come in various materials such as brass, stainless steel, PVC, and others, catering to different applications and environments. The choice of material depends on factors like the type of liquid or gas being controlled, pressure, temperature, and chemical compatibility.


Can ball valves be used for both manual and automated control systems?

Yes, ball valves are versatile and can be used in both manual and automated control setups. Manual ball valves typically use a handle for operation, while automated versions can be integrated with actuators for remote or automated control, enhancing efficiency in industrial processes.


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